Ever Garden has been created by the artist Ever Grainger MRSS; an elected member of The Royal Society of Sculptors. It was devised as a place to set sculpture and installation within - blending the spaces of home, museum, gallery and garden.

Ever, (pronounced as in the phrase ‘ever been?’) has exhibited nationally and internationally since 2003. Her practice has evolved to focus on the dual properties of ‘play’ and ‘display’, inviting touch and interaction across smaller intimate sculptures, encounters with installed displays and experiences with playful outdoor works.

installation artwork 'Spilt Ilk'

Detail of 'Spilt Ilk' on one of the dressers inside. A collection of old cast glass jugs filled with lime cement as used in the recent conservation work repairing the chalk stone walls of the cottage.

wood fire with brass flames installation at Ever Garden

'Wood Turner Burner' - a fire for one of the fireplaces made from blocks of wood hewn for firewood, copper leaf gilding and brass strips as flames. Mounted on a set of gears, with a hand wheel to the front.

Ever Grainger art installation 'Cave'

Another installation inside 'Cave' with jelly moulds, enamel paint, silicone, jesmonite, foam, fishing line and weights, lace, stainless steel bar forms, dipped rubber and chalk stones.

Visit her artist's website www.evergrainger.com for more practice information and further examples of work.

She is also on instagram as @ever.the.artist

Transformation and Conservation

Before and after images of some of the conservation, landscaping and artwork installations since 2018.

The rear area that once housed chickens is now a split level courtyard. The original tin shed is still standing and has prompted the further use of corrugated steel around the garden (as well as a general theme of rust!).

Cement render removed and damaged chalk stones replaced from the local quarry and repointed with lime mortar to allow the chalk to breathe. On the dresser is an installation called 'Chalk from Cheese' made with spare pieces.

New pathways created from scratch edged with Corten steel and filled with local flint gravel within gravel grids to ensure good drainage. A low boundary of corrugated tin and hazel uprights weaves around balls of Pittosporum.

More can be found on the Ever Garden instagram account @evergarden___