Ever Yours

Charity Auction for a Paused Stone

An artwork auction launched on 13 Sept 21 as part of Brighstone village's Thank You Day to raise funds for Earl Mountbatten Hospice. The auction is for one of the seven 'Paused' stones currently on display as an installation inside the cottage. The unusual shaped stones were found on Compton beach and 'collaborated' with during Lockdown. One of the stones will now be found a home for the highest bidder. The winning bidder can choose the stone that speaks to them the most. The remaining stones will be returned to the sea at Compton in spring 2022.

The stones will also be featured in the forthcoming 'First Ever Catalogue', a signed copy will also be included with the stone.

How to bid:

The stones are on display in a shrine at Ever Garden for viewing. Closed bids will be taken until 5pm Thursday 30 September 2021 (last day of the open season) by filling out a form when visiting, or by email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging or by post -  with name, address, email, phone number and amount bid. All bids will be kept confidential with the option for non disclosure/anonymity for the winner.


**Bidding is now closed**

More information on the Paused stones and Ever Grainger on her website:

Other works available and currently on display in the Annexe Gallery: