The Eggschange

Artists Call: Go to work on an egg

Above (left to right): The larder being prepared; Edith Trickett with young chicks; my own trial cast with plaster and rust.

Artists are invited to take part in The Eggschange and propose an egg sculpture.


  • Free to submit


  • If selected, make your egg and have it shown at Ever Garden, Brighstone, May - September this year.


  • Eggs are installed in ‘The Eggschange’ and offered for sale to visitors who can ‘eggschange’ a fixed £100 for one if they wish.


  • New eggs are displayed in their place when one or more are bought (so the eggs change).


  • As an information ‘eggschange’, before making a purchase, buyers are asked to fill in a form listing words that describe their response to their chosen egg, then a best guess labour and materials value and an estimated current market value. After purchase, the actual labour and materials value and current market value is revealed to the buyer.


  • Commission taken is 20% (£20) per egg. If contributing artists wish to buy another artist’ s egg they will be discounted by the commission and in doing so create a space for another artist’s egg. #artistssupportingartists


  • 2nd round proposals are now welcome. More info below.

More information:

About Ever Garden

Ever Garden features contemporary sculpture and installation throughout an 18th century cottage and garden in Brighstone village, Isle of Wight. Created as an art practice experiment by the artist Ever Grainger plus guest artists for 2022. Open to visitors weekends Sat 7 May - Sun 4 Sept 10:30am - 4pm.


About The Eggschange

For this season only! The Eggschange is a mini gallery space and exhibition inside a small add-on larder-cupboard built onto the north gable of the cottage circa 1920, with a hatch outside and also inside the building. As the garden was used as a smallholding in the past, veg and eggs from the kept chickens would have likely been passed in and stored there in the cool and ventilated space.

A wooden display base for half a dozen eggs will feature centrally, with any additional eggs on stands surrounding and on the shelf above. New eggs will feature on the central base for a period of time and then are moved to the surrounding stands when new eggs are featured.

The Eggschange was devised by me, Ever Grainger, prompted by the wonderful image of Edith Trickett holding chicks and the unique larder space. When I first taught myself mould-making, the first mould I made was of a hen’s egg and cast various eggs in a multitude of materials from it to learn and experiment with the basics. The eggs have remained on the back burner (simmering) until the new season approached and the idea to bring it all together was formed.


Egg making guidelines:

Egg size approx that of a hen’s egg. Any materials or processes or ideas, but must be in three dimensions. Must not contain a real egg, or be perishable.

A submission could be about forming the shape as a classic sculptural form. Would it be solid or a hollow container or something else?

Would it be about the concept of the egg - as promise/life/creativity itself.

You could perhaps reference the material and social history of the cottage (eg. I have a cast one in plaster and rust).

The egg has a history of being highly adorned, festooned as the rare and highly valued Fabergé eggs, would you instead respond to that aspect instead?

Or none of the above - how would you do one within your own practice?


Ifs and Buts:

Open to practising artists anywhere, but due to the limited size of the space, not all proposals may be given the ok.

Proposals that would be selected may be held over before giving the go-ahead until the next round.


2nd round proposals are now welcome.


To Submit:

Please email with the proposal for your egg:

  • materials to be used, short description of idea/process, if needed any sketches or relevant images (under 1mb)
  • Your contact details inc name, address, mobile/tel no, relevant website address or social media account etc.


If Selected:

An approx date for the arrival of your egg is agreed and a consignment note and information eggschange form is forwarded to bring with you or post on completion of your egg.

Once your proposal is selected, ideally artists should bring their egg along during a visit on normal open days. Eggs can be posted however by artists further afield (to the address on the consignment note).

If your egg is sold, you are notified and payment is made at the end of the current month.



If at the end of the season, your egg remains unsold, they can be collected after 4pm Sun 4 Sept, or Mon 5 and Tue 6 Sept 10-4pm.

If you have posted in your egg, please include a postage paid return label if you wish it returned.

If any eggs remain uncollected after this they will be donated to charity.


A wierd coincidence, I have since learnt about David Shrigley’s recent exhibition called ‘The Mayfair Tennis Ball Exchange’, where gallery walls (Stephen Friedman Gallery) were filled with rows of new tennis balls and the public were invited to bring their old tennis balls and swap them for new ones (much simpler!).